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Surf House Puerto Rico is a holistic community for young people, ages 17.5 to 25, seeking a gap year experience to help them improve their college and career readiness. Surf House offers a model that fully integrates Clinically Informed Life Coaching, individualized educational services, and wellness development, coupled with a rich international experience and challenge or water-based recreational activities. During their 8 to 12 month stay, students work in partnership with their clinically-trained Life Coach to create a viable plan for the future by implementing an educational strategy, developing critical life skills, taking personal responsibility, and engaging in community-based activities through volunteerism, an internship, or employment. Students learn the importance of being aware of their needs in all aspects of their life and how to address those needs by living a balanced lifestyle that fosters autonomy and financial independence while empowering them to pursue their passions and grow personally.

Surf House Puerto Rico is designed to help you transition from your current situation to being self-reliant and living independently. You will be responsible for developing a Life Map that drives your experience at Surf House. We will ask you to honestly assess your strengths, abilities and aptitudes; then, using these personal assets, find a realistic direction for your life. Together, we will evaluate future possibilities, identify your passions and develop a plan that supports you in becoming the autonomous and independent adult you want to be.

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